The Smooth Fox Terrier Association

By Vivienne Rainsbury
By Vivienne Rainsbury

Find A Smooth


As Smooth Fox Terriers are on the Vulnerable Breed register breeders usually have waiting lists so you may have to be patient before you get your new puppy. Our puppy sales co-ordinator is Nicola Ketley, please contact her on

Most breeders are extremely helpful and will offer help and support throughout the lifetime of a puppy. However, be prepared to answer questions designed to discover if you and a smooth fox terrier are suitable for each other.

Care of your new puppy

Main points to remember when bringing up your pup are:-

He will need his own bed in a draught free quiet place where he can sleep. Young pups need plenty of rest. He will miss his siblings for the first night or two. A heat pad or hot water bottle wrapped safely in an old towel or blanket will be a comfort. Then harden your heart against his cries unless you want a permanent sleeping companion for the rest of his life.

Young pups need to be fed four times a day. Advice on what kind of food he is used to will have been given to you by the breeder. Puppies themselves reduce the number of meals they require as they grow older.

The breeder will have wormed the puppy and you will need to continue this until he is six months then after at six monthly intervals. The breeder also should have had a health check for the puppy plus at least his first vaccination.

Smooth fox terriers are bright and intelligent so house training should not be too difficult. Take the pup to a place in the garden at regular intervals to where you want him to "go" and wait until he performs then praise him. Do not rub his nose in it when he makes a mistake. Say "no" firmly then take him outside.

Do not let your puppy mix with other dogs until at least a week after the course of injections is complete or follow the vet's instructions.

Puppies need to play with items suitable for them to chew. Be on guard for dangers which lurk in your house, garden or garage such as antifreeze, slug pellets, electric wires and be aware of fish ponds too.

More information about rearing and socialising a puppy can be found on the Kennel Club website