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Smooth Fox Terriers
Smooth Fox Terriers


The Smooth Fox Terrier Association was formed in 1932 for the protection and interest of Smooth Fox Terriers.

Welcome to the Smooth Fox Terrier Association website. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you find it interesting. 

If you have any ideas for features or information which you would like to see on this site please contact us by email: You can also visit our Facebook page where you will find more information.

The Association is always pleased to accept new members:

Membership fees are due on the 1 January each year.

Single and joint membership £20.00 per annum for UK residents and £25.00 overseas

Junior membership £10.00 per annum UK residents and £15.00 overseas. Please contact treasurer Elaine Baines by on There is a quarterly newsletter - Smooth Talk- the Smooth Fox Terrier Association also produce a yearbook.

To find out more and to get an application form, please contact our Acting Secretary Lee England by email or telephone on 01366 328326 or download a form from our Facebook page (Files). There is also a copy of our form on the Open show page which can be copied and printed.

Other useful contacts are:- Treasurer:- Elaine Baines

Puppy sales coordinator:-Nicola Ketley-

Breed Health rep:- Margaret Rose -